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Having failed to get my LRPS last November I have decided to re-apply in 2017. In fact I have booked a place onto an Advisory Day in April (East Midlands at Whatton Village Hall) and gone further by booking an Assessment Day down at Bath in June...

And So

I have looked critically at the panel I presented last November  and having discussed with other people and reviewed my stock of images I have removed 5 of my original images from the panel and replaced them with new options.  I have also got another 5 possibles

Here is the overall panel I am proposing. It is open for amendment until about mid March when I have to go to print - but even then I could still change things

Panel 2017(1)

Is is now March and not far away from my advisory day in April. I have been through a number of amendments. Some of which are because I don't think the images are good enough and some amendments are from people's views and thoughts -- Here they are with the reasons for the amendments  

Moved Image 5 to position 8 as I thought that whilst this was a good image I wanted to make it a centre point for the panel. Changed the direction of image 6 and moved image in position 6 to position - this image is very strong and enjoyed by many but I have made an error in this move (see later)

Moved position 8 to 6 - this was suggested by someone within the RPS as it helped balance image 10

Panel Ineration 3

Introduced a new image to position 5  - this image has not been seen before but I was advised that the image of the fern that was in position 5 should not have been turned so as it is pointing west (we read from left to right). The swans are quite strong and balance well with the riders in position 1 .

Turned image 8 so that the foot steps are walking into the panel and not away from it.

At this stage I am happy with the top row of images

Panel Iteration 4

Removed image in position 6 and replaced and re-introduced the fern having turned d it again so that it now points eastwards - almost there now!!

Panel iteration 5

I am still happy with the top row of images but not happy with the bottom row so much.

I introduced my family to the panel and listened to their views

The fern is now strong and too strong against the lamp in position 10. The image of the rocks in position 11 would probably look OK in position 10

Having done that, the image in position 8 is now looking a bit 'weak' amongst the stronger images so introduced another new image into position 8

To me this now looks pretty good although it might be that the advisory panel think differently

We'll see

Panel iteration 6

Details of each image is given below -- PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LEAVE A COMMENT

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

Image 5

Image 6

Image 7

Image 8

Image 9

Image 10

Image 11

Image 12

Image 13

Image 14

Image 15