CPAGB 2nd Cut - JoMoPhotography

This is my second attempt at putting together a set of images for CPAGB.

I have difficulty identifying good or 'not so' good images. In some respects the more critical I become the more confused I get. When pointed out to me it is obvious but not when I try to assess my images on my own

It maybe that in my stock of images there might be some really good ones as yet unidentified


This image is generally well accepted when viewed by most people and

DG commented "This one works well for me, especially the monochrome treatment. I would probably score it 4 depending upon how it projected."
This Image should remains in the portfolio

Silhouettes on the beach (was Beach scene)

This Image has been amended from the original in that it has been lightened and the level of grain reduced
comments on the original images were  "This has great potential. I love the simplicity and mood. It is just a little too grainy and dark but if improved then I would score it 4."

It is a little 'Marmite' enjoyed by some but not all - I like it and think it should remain in the portfolio


This is an image that has been adjusted with detracting background being removed
It was commented on by as "The detail on the primary subject is excellent. I would be tempted to mask some off of the right then I would score it 4."

This image will probably stay in the portfolio

Rhossilli Beach

This image has had the upper sky cropped away and the contrast has been increased to give more 'depth'

Comments included "Beautiful scene which has been well recorded. Perhaps consider taking a little off the sky. The sheep add great foreground interest but I would be tempted to add a little more punch to the picture then I might score it 4."

I think I will keep this within the portfolio

Wallers on the Beach

This image has been cropped with a larger amount of beach being removed form the top of the image

A comment was "Crop off the top third and I would give this 4."

It's a simple image and one I believe should be retained

Rocks and Spray

This image is enjoyed by a few people and a comment for this was

This is the strongest picture of the whole set and I would have no hesitation in scoring it 4.

This has to be a real stayer


Originally this had a green tint (reflection) which, was acceptable, but I felt was improved by desaturation

Personally I wouldn’t have used a green background, but I do like this. It has been well executed and I would give it 4.

An image that deserves to remain I think

Colorado rock formations

This is a new image - I have used NIC Silver Effects to enhance this image and increase the contrast

The Blue Bell

This image is new -- some adjustments have been made - and it has been likely by some

Bluebell wood

This is a new inclusion into the portfolio - some adjustments have been made and I thought it warranted a chance. Not many people have seen it and bluebells do tend to be emotional for some (colour matching etc..) 

Bridge Cables

Another image I am not sure about -- but one I have always liked. Converted to monochrome with a degree of contrast added. Maybe one to be included

Snails journey

I have had this image in my stock for some time - I have always enjoyed but this is no reason that others would have the same feeling!! Is it a keeper or not I wonder

Lone Walker

Another image that I suspect is 'Marmite' - despite this, an image I have always liked. Again this is no test as to what other think or even if it should be included in a CPAGB portfolio