Hello, I'm John Moore and I am an casual amateur photographer. I'm based in the small town of Melton Mowbray here in the county of Leicestershire, England. As a young person I used to take photographs as a hobby but with the arrival of a family I had more important things to see to. I now have more time on my hands and with the advent of the 'new digital' age it has allowed me to revisit my old pastime. I hope you enjoy browsing the images below. It would be great if you were to leave a comment or two. I always interested in constructive criticism I updated my equipement to a Panasonic Lumix GX8 last year and purchase a ZX100 I have a 14 - 140mm, 45 - 200mm and 100-300mm lumix lenses. I enjoy the compactness of this camera and I don't feel like I am lugging around great bricks of technology -- super stuff!! Email me If You would like to see some truely wonderous pictures click on the link below (none are mine) . Flickr Walkabout FLICKR WALKABOUT

A break in the clouds

Break in the Clouds